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Down to Earth, Inc. is your local neighborhood source for total landscaping services. We offer competitive prices and exceptional customer service. Select a category to the left to see how we can help. Please contact us with any questions.

Lawn Renovation

Do any, or all, of these scenarios sound familiar?

  • Thousands of dollars are spent on lawn care with the same problems persisting
  • Hours and hours of hard work with poor or average results
  • Inexperienced or so-called “professional” lawn care operations improperly diagnosing the problems with your lawn.
  • Wasted resources (water, unnecessary fertilization applicatons, etc)
  • The wrong type of grass species or sod application

Issues to consider during a lawn renovation:

  • Are there perennial weeds in the lawn? (Bermuda grass, nimblewill)
  • Thatch depth (If greater than ½ inch, the lawn should come out)
  • The amount of sun and shade
  • Landscape groundcovers instead of grass in some areas
  • The type of trees
  • Type of existing grass
  • Soil conditions and the balance of nutrients
  • Seed or Sod?

Here’s what Down to Earth Inc. can do for you.
As you can see, there are many issues to be addressed when considering an upgrade or totally renovating a lawn. I have only touched on a few of the basics that would be involved during a consultation.
Give us a call and let our 40 years in the field work for you.

Landscaping Projects

If you need to re-design a section or the entire grounds of your property, we can help you. Our approach is personalized and unique. Depending on the complexity, Down To Earth Inc. can solely complete the job and /or use a team approach. Simply, our goal is to provide the best quality and workmanship available in our locale. Our staff can manage and implement the entire process from beginning to end.

With our 40 years of field experience, continued education, and contacts; your project and dreams can be realized.

When considering a project, the following services may be of interest.

  • Landscape architect or landscape designer
  • Mason or hardscape contractor
  • Sprinkler system
  • Landscape lighting
  • Lawn renovation
  • Tree work

As you can see, coordination and who to call can become frustrating and worrisome. We will decide who, when, and how the job will be completed.

Grounds Detailing

Having a party? Hosting a wedding? Whatever the reason, treat your grounds to a day of beauty! Refresh the appearance of your property. Let our experienced staff provide a makeover for your property.

Here are a few examples of what we can do for you:

  • Flush out leaves from beds
  • Prune and rejuvenate overgrown plantings
  • Remove unwanted shrubbery
  • Redefine landscape beds by hand bordering with a spade
  • Weed and Mulch
  • Edge walks, driveway and street gutter
  • Haul away all debris

Container Gardening & Seasonal Flower Displays

Add color year round to your garden or home with container gardening-- requiring little to no maintenance. We also offer seasonal flower displays, summer and spring annuals, bulbs, and even winter interest.

Residential and Commercial Consulting

This is a very popular and much appreciated service. Clients have the opportunity to make a list of all their grounds care questions, requests, and projects that need to be addressed. At the time of the consultation, Larry Iorii, the President of Down to Earth Inc. uses his 40 years of practical field experience to advise them on the best solution for their problems.

Also, Down To Earth, Inc.'s continued schooling and participation at national, regional, and local conferences means that our clients have access to the latest information. In addition, we have built an unsurpassed network of quality contractors to help cover our clients’ needs.

Here are a few samples of the most common requests, concerns, and questions.

  • Old landscapes that need an overhaul
  • Ideas for patio layout and type of construction
  • What type of plants can be used next to the front door, corners of the house, tree lawn, wet areas, etc; (advice on planting design, selection, and specific problems)?
  • When is the best time to repair or install a new lawn?
  • Explain the differences of sod vs. seed.
  • What part of the day and how much water does my lawn need to stay healthy?
  • What is the proper height to mow grass?
  • Does my lawn need de-thatching?
  • When is the best time to prune shrubbery?

NOTE: "Do It Yourself" customers are welcomed and encouraged! Many new homeowners move into a property and feel overwhelmed. We provide a logical approach in understanding their grounds. Also, property managers and grounds care superintendents utilize our consulting service to update their specifications and obtain a second opinion when problems occur.

Our consultation rates start at $110-$250 for the first hour and pro-rated for $75 an hour for additional time. Considering our field experience, education and contacts, the rates are a value.

Give us a call today at (302) 654-8113. We look forward to helping you.

Total Grounds Care Management
Every property needs regular care, and our maintenance programs for residences and commercial establishments are geared to your specific needs. Our company can handle all the details with one call.

Technical Pruning

Our employees are trained in natural, formal and rejuvenation pruning. We know the nomenclature of the plants and the treatment that is required.

Leaf Cleanup & Removal

Raking and bagging leaves on your day off are not fun for most homeowners. Wouldn’t you rather be watching a good football game or playing a final round of golf? Leave the back-breaking work to us. Down to Earth inc. has high powered blowers and a huge vacuum system to shred and haul the leaves away.

Mulch Delivery

Down To Earth Inc. will deliver quality mulch within an approximate 10-mile radius.

Rates and Details:

  • $34 dollars a cubic yard
  • Minimum order of 6 cubic yards required for delivery
  • Delivery charge is $55

Speaking Engagements

Larry Iorii, President of Down to Earth, Inc., has drawn the lessons he has learned from more than four decades of professional grounds care experience. His thirty five years as a successful business owner naturally evolved into Small Business Consultations. This industry specific lecture and tutorial, delivered by Larry, teach all the techniques necessary to survive in the land care business for both new and established companies.

Small Business Consultations covers important topics, such as:

marketing networking techniques professional associations cash flow pricing employee recruitment and retention how to develop a consulting business …and more!

Topics of speeches

  • Landscape Design and Installation - before/after (residential and small commercial)
  • Lawn Renovation - discuss various situations, options, and pricing guidelines
  • How to Develop a Consulting Business
  • Small is Better! (Downsizing)
  • Networking with the Competition
  • Marketing Tips for a Small Business
  • Survival in the 21st Century
  • Roundtable, Trouble-Shooting for Small Business Owners*
  • Career Options in the Landscaping Industry
  • Professionalism with Pesticides
  • 35 Years in Business: My 35 Favorite Business Secrets
  • Plus – Customized speeches available for your specific needs, as well!

* This has been a big hit with attendees at national and regional conferences. Individuals feel less intimidated and leave with solutions to their specific problems.

The fees are quoted with relation to the specific requests. Also, lodging, meals, and all transportation are additional.

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